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Jonatan Pastircak – vocals, cello, electronics, objects, lyrics
Adam Matej – drums, objects

Best new artists 2004 – at Slovak alternative music scene. Two schoolmates at elementary (!) school put together an unique band offering extraordinary songs.

“These two take what might seem like a very limited sound pallet – voice with cello and drums- and use it to create something very personal and engaging. The songs have a sketch-like quality that allows them to be bold without being overdone. It has a direct quality that reminds me of early Talking Heads and Bittova. I have no know what this kid is singing about but the vocals have a engaging mix of sung and quasi-rapped lines and he tells the story like he means it. The cello keeps it simple and rocking while the drums provide a lot of the variety. The introduction of electronics and a little soundscape on the last tracks keeps things fresh and perhaps sheds a bit of light on where these two might be going…“ David Dramm

1. in one forest
2. neskoč
3. kamošov vozík
4. zinčica
5. “bosch”
6. elektrika
7. eu-error
8. betónová lavička
9. dýchacia trubička
10. politika
11. korupcia
12. ekonómovia
13. lietadlo
14. rešeto
15. kosť a ježko
16. nízky príjem
17. kampaň proti reálnosti
18. baránok
19. cuplík
20. sadaj, slnko, sadaj